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On "Catching Fire"

"From the first moment the song stuns. His voice, mixed front and center, features prominently. In fact it is this element, his haunted vocals, that bring the listener into his unique aural ecosystem. Within the mix the many different elements combine to create something truly lovely. Thanks to the mixture of the emotional alongside the regal presence of the grooves, it all has an uncanny ability to come together"

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On "Catching Fire"

The song’s dynamic range really excels with the various sections of the songs, offering different colors to its writing..Bjartmar has created a love song that is both refreshing in its originality and also creative in its genre blending approach to a love ballad. The dark tone really elevates it to a memorable tune... we look forward to the other worlds of sounds he will deliver in the future"

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On "Catching Fire"

"Revolving around the theme of love, it’s as if the vocals would consider falling blindly for any warnings, being fully aware that it might be wrong. The backing with its silky yet dark textures supports this theme perfectly. There’s both a certain warmth present, as well as this threatening undertone, indicating all the dangers and red flags present in any relationship.
And that’s what makes this track so outstanding. It’s the ability to create the exact feeling that comes with any relationship. We might end up falling into a deep personal bond head over heels, finding ourselves in a situation that holds intense moments yet also this constant level of what I can only describe as ‘unknown darkness’. It’s this excitement and attraction that is captured perfectly by “Catching Fire”

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